WCC2 Mod APK Download Latest Version Android | iOS | PC

WCC 2 Mod APK: Nowadays playing Cricket is someone’s hobby while it becomes someone’s career. Those who can’t play Cricket on the ground, they can unleash the same feeling by playing WCC2 game on their Android devices. Though there’re a few Cricket games available. WCC2 has made its own place due to its amazing graphics and inclusion of modern moves for batsmen, bowler and as well as for the fielders. Watching it is really enthralling while playing the same on the smartphone screen is just wow.

Gaming technology has spread its wing here also and made a WCC2 that makes you feel like you are playing the matches yourself! If you are a passionate player, in app purchases and ads may annoy you. That’s why in order to bypass these distracts WCC2 mod version comes up. Just play the game as you like to. Shortage of money and coins will not pull you back anymore. It’s not available on the official app stores; you need to download the WCC2 mod apk.

WCC 2 Apk

WCC2 MOD APK - Features

New shots for the batsmen: The huge applause for high enhancements of modern cricketing shots like helicopter shot, Dil Scoop and upper cut etc that we use to see in the matches. Now, you can also play these shots effortlessly. Don’t worry to play these shots as you will get two different types of batting modes to select from- Classic and Pro.

Modern bowling actions of the bowlers: Well, it has been much debated that every bowler has the same action. In the WCC2 mod version, you will get every action unlocked.

Unlock new tournament: There’s a tournament named Blitz but the bad news for the users of the official app, it comes with a price tag that means you can’t try it for free. Either you have to purchase it or just have to cut out the emotions to play it. But if you have installed the WCC2 mod apk then the story will be different and without spending a single penny. This tournament will be unlocked for you!

Majestic Stadiums and locations: In the official play, you need to go on playing to unlock the locations one by one and may have to spend a considerable time to get all stadium unlocked. In this game, there are 24 grounds in a different location and with the WCC2 mod version, you will get all the locations unlocked right after the installation!

In Game graphics: You will relive the game while playing, some features like pitch character showing, some movements while catching and even player can be injured due to wrong selection of shots! It becomes so much realistic!

Dynamic camera positions: Without proper camera settings, it’s impossible to make a Cricket match interesting. With WCC mod version, you can unlock almost all camera positions right from the bird’s eye view to hawk eye view for slow motion replay! You can check multiple camera angles at a time also!

No annoying ad: One thing that we hate most is the popup ad that eventually comes up to make all the users annoyed. Video ads are really pathetic to see with patience. It kills all enthusiasm and motivation, In the middle of a tournament no one will like to go through advertisements. WCC2 mod version doesn’t show any advertisement at all.

WCC2 Mod APK For Android - Hardware Requirements

In order to meet the optimum performance hardware are the keys. Make sure that your device has these below mentioned things otherwise get an upgrade to enjoy the WCC2 fully because it may happen that you will play this game once in a lifetime so enjoy it fully.

  • The game requires minimum 500 MB flash storage because after installation it becomes a file of 370 MB. With updates, it gets bigger.
  • Extracting the optimum performances in terms of graphics and speed we need at least 4 GB RAM. That’s all!
  • Though everyone misses a point, we think it worth mentioning, the display size. A 5.5 inch display is enough to dive into the live cricket match!
WCC2 Cricket 100 Android

WCC2 Mod APK Download & Installation

Download the WCC2 mod apk and install it on your device to check this awesome Cricket game. Doing some unbelievable stunts as a fielder and drive some unconventional cricket shots now an installation away!

  • Downloading is the foremost step to installing the app. It’s recommended to download the apk of this app from a trusted source because downloading the apk from a random site may be harmful to your devices as some of them are infected with malware and some of them are outdated.
  • WCC2 Mod apk installation is easy to carry out and anyone with minimum Android handling knowledge can do it
  • Go to the folder where the downloaded file has been saved automatically. Tap on that to start the installation quickly.
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    On tapping, the process starts immediately and this requires no intervention at all. Keep patience and once the whole process gets completed, launch the app.
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    Don’t forget to provide the permission to get the third party apk installed from “security” tab in the “Settings” because the file isn’t being installed from Play Store at all.

WCC2 For PC Windows [10/8.1/7]

There’re a number of ways to run Android apps on Windows OS. But we recommend following the trusted way to run the WCC2 on PC.

Using an Android emulator is a way to take the whole process on board. Download Bluestacks or Andy and follow the same process that we use to do for other apps as well. Though many of us know how to do it, we are repeating the process for those who are new on board.

Download and install blustacks or Andy on Windows. Let us clear a point- there’s no special process for Windows 10. Just download the package and carry out the things mentioned below.

Launch the emulator and once the screen opens completely, upload the downloaded WCC2 mod apk there and wait to get it rendered. It may take a few minutes because of the size of the app a little bit bulky.

When the app starts opening, your wait is over! Now enjoying the same thrill on PC is just a matter of a few seconds.

WCC2 for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 - Bigger Screen, Bigger Entertainment.

WCC2 Mod For iOS

Well, running an Android app on iOS is completely a debatable matter as some software claim that they do the things properly but till now we haven’t found anything that actually works. We can try another way to make it done.

  • Cydia is the medium to get that done. The whole idea starts with Cydia. Download it from its official source.
  • Search for the IPA file of the WCC2 mod version, a few minutes’ searching on the web can get you the IPA files. Download the files.
  • Launch Cydia and drag and drop all the IPA files there and wait a few seconds to get all the files rendered by the system. Once it’s done, mark the app as a trusted app and you are done!
WCC 2 Mod Apk


  •  Is it safe to download this app as it’s not available Play Store?
  • Yes, it’s not available on the official app stores but downloading from a trusted source doesn’t harm anything, if you are a little bit cautious while getting the apk downloaded, you are free from any kind of threat.
  • Is it legal to play WWC2 mod version?
  • As far as the legal things are concerned, you are completely safe from that. There’s no restriction of playing mod version of any game. So Where ever you are playing it from, there’s no chance that you will be sued for that.

Let your wishes come true with WWC2 mod version because you are free from the clutches of playing and achieving things to unlock something. You will get everything readily available for you right from the moment you have installed it. Just go for it, install and it forget the levels you need to cross and be an ultimate player of this game with unlimited silver coins.